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I’m Biloxi born and raised and the Coast is my home.
I’m a self- taught photographer. I love the scenes along our shores, bays and bayous and I try to show that in my work.
It still thrills me to get up early to see what wonderful vistas I can find in our sunrises. I love to walk down our beach because of the amazing things I find.
I truly love photography. I feel the Lord gave me this talent for a reason and every day I shoot I pray He is happy with my work. Photography is also my therapy. When I get stressed or unhappy, I can pick up my camera and it all melts away. I have been around the world in the military and for me there is nothing shooting the beauty on our Coast.
I currently work at MS Gulf Coast Community College as you guessed it, the College Photographer. I shoot sports, portraits, scenic and even some aerials once in a while. I tell my friends that I shoot everything that moves and about half of what doesn’t.
There is an old saying” If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well I think I might have found that job!

Rich Kopp

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Scenic Beauty


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Engineers Come Home

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Engineers Come Home
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